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Full Version: Traveling again
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Intention: to find out more of what my dad has been trying to tell me

Dream: the beginning is a bit muddled. Traveling with my boyfriend. Then later I was by myself.

But this part is clear. I was standing at the end of a rural driveway. There was a wide expanse of green lawn leading up to a house. The house was your typical two story Midwestern farmhouse with a wrap around front porch. It was freshly painted bright white and it was a bright warm sunny day. I was familiar with the house and I felt a deep sense of peace being there. A feeling that was missing in the rest of the dream. I wake up.
You think this was the outside of the house you've been dreaming about?
I hadn't thought about that, but you're probably right. Mostly because of the feeling I had of peace when I was there. Same exact strong feeling that was in the visions.
I thought the same as Julie.