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Full Version: Church and summer party with friends
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I was at a church that resembled a small stadium with the priest and alter down below in the middle, surrounded by many levels of steps. The steps were rough-hewn and uneven, without hand rails. People proceeded down the steps slowly and cautiously. I was supposed to help with the mass and I moved very carefully down the many levels of steps down towards the alter. Other scheduled volunteers were missing.

Then I had a lengthy dream of vacationing or enjoying a summer party with my girl friends from high school. We were lugging around towels and personal items and encountered and joined in with an alumni party going on, with dozens of long tables and loud talk and music. I was thinking I was not looking my best, all besodden and disheveled, with a beach towel hanging around my shoulders, but then thought 'so what' and joined in. We were having a great time and planning another larger party in 2 weeks.

We then had to leave to meet up for a specific departure time...perhaps for a boat. Everyone gathered up their things to leave, and I was the last one there. Quite a few items were yet lying around, and I was looking for a few items I had misplaced and found them. I resembled a beast of burden, blankets and various bags slung over my shoulders with my arms full, but I did not want to leave any of my items behind. I caught up with the others and we were all packed, still excited about the party in 2 weeks, full of good cheer and laughter and worn out voices from all the talk.