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Full Version: Dream Frequency
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I was in a dream 'drought' for most of the prior year, rarely recalling any dreams. Then suddenly this month I'm experiencing a dream 'flood', with multiple dreams per week that I am able to recall.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not sure if this is just my individual experience, perhaps related to all the stress of our moving. Now, 10 months after the move, perhaps it's just me and I am sleeping better with improved recall.
I will go days with dreaming only day residue and not being able to remember what I dreamed. Never had periods of not dreaming.
I've been exhausted lately, resulting in nonsence day/life residue types of dreams and often no recall...though every so often the fog clears...
Iris, yes! I have years or months were i get nothing at all, cant recall anything, then suddenly like a light switch being turned on, i feel like i have been sitting in front of the TV for months straight and i can recall everything with great vivid accuracy.

I still have not figured out why this happens.