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Full Version: Cleansing and rebirthing
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13 July 2016

Meditation, with the intention to gain information about an incident that occurred a few days ago.

I'm in a large grotto. Torches on the wall, flickering and guttering yet it's as bright as if the place was lit with airfield landing lights. My teachers are there, waiting for me. I see them and jokingly ask where the dragon is. I hear a chuckle from the shadows and he sticks his head out and grins at me. I see another dragon and comment that I'm surprised to see him there. He says he has the right to be there so he is there. I start to ask about the incident while I was shopping in Target but one of my teachers interrupts me. This surprises me because he's usually very polite. He begins to tell me something but I don't remember what he said. The other teachers join him. I try to get back to the Target incident but another teacher bluntly tells me that is not important and that I'm more than capable of handling the intrusion on my own. This, he tells me, is far more important. I glance over at the grinning dragon and ask him if he knows what's going on. He grins more widely and says, Of course. You are mine and anything that concerns you concerns me. Oh-kay. The other dragon just nods at me but I understand his message, that he is aware of what's going on and everything's fine. I turn back to my teachers and tell them okay, I'm listening. They begin telling me, instructing me, explaining about the direction my path is going to take. I listen until they tell me that my time in my current location is coming to an end and it is necessary that I be cleansed of all the dense, dark energy in which I have been existing for the past year. They guide me to a big stone that's been hollowed out and filled with water. I ask if it's a salt bath and am told yes, in addition to several cleansing herbs. I can smell rosemary, lavender, and rue, plus there are some scents I don't recognize.

Without hesitation, I strip down and step into the pool. The water is hot but not painfully so and I settle in for a good soak. My shamanic lineage steps forward and begin rattling and singing. The dragons tone. The ancestors encircle around the outside, all holding hands. Okay, this is more than a cleansing bath, I say, What's going on? My teacher doesn't answer that question but tells me to dunk my head so I can be cleansed completely. I do, sinking into the pool until my head is beneath the water.

Suddenly, the pool disappears and I'm floating in dark water. I hear a deep thrumming sound that pulses right into the marrow of my bones. I'm not afraid of drowning and seem to be able to breathe quite well in the water. Again I ask what's going on. My teachers appear, also in the water although they seem to be perfectly dry. I am told that as I have been cleansed now it is time to return to the Mother's womb to be rebirthed, leaving behind the old life that no longer served and being born anew into the life that awaits me. I have questions but I am told to hush and feel the heartbeat of the Mother, feel her love for me, and to await my rebirth. At first I try listening for an actual heartbeat, then realize that the rhythmic thrumming I hear IS the heartbeat of the Mother. I relax into the rise and fall of the sound, becoming one with the water and one with the heartbeat. It is so soothing that I nearly drift off to sleep.

A gentle voice says it is time I know my true name, my soul name, the name I have been known by since I was formed from the energy of creation. It is the name my true family has known me, the family in which I was born and lived until I took on physical form and it will be the name by which I am forever known, no matter what name I may wear as I walk through lifetimes. And now, it was time. I didn't want it to be time, I liked floating in the warmth and darkness, I remembered this warmth and darkness from before, when I left it before. But, like before, it was time to be born, to be reborn.

I came out of the meditation.