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Full Version: The alligator
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Dream from this morning at 4:04am(at least that is what the clock said when I woke up).

I was walking along a bank of a river. Beautiful spring day, nice breeze, birds singing - felt like it was somewhere in the south. All of a sudden everything goes silent. I look at the water, the flow of the water is now going in the opposite direction.

In the water there appears to be a small, about a 2 foot long by maybe 6 inch, log in the water but it is going against the tide of the water. As it gets closer, it begins to open its mouth. I can see now that it is a gator not a log. The mouth is not that of typical gator, it looks like a funnel, a black funnel with no teeth.

The funnel part begins to suck things in, I can literally see it suck in air, then water, the dirt, the a small ball of fire. With each ingestion, the gator grows larger. It then consumes the following in this order:

Small pieces of wood in the shape of a triangle (cedar), square (maple), circle (oak) & diamond (pine).
Small stones/rocks in the shape of a triangle (slate), square (granite), circle  & diamond.
Crystals in the shape of a triangle, square, circle, & diamond (Quartz).
Insects: a black beetle, a red tarantula, & 2 others I cannot recall
Reptiles: a lizard, a snake, a turtle & 1 other I cannot recall
Birds: a hummingbird, a parrot, a crow, & an eagle
Mammals: a rabbit, a cat, a dog, and several others I cannot recall.

The last animal was a lion. This gator is now so large that it is blocking the flow of the entire river. Water is now rushing on to the land making new rivers. The gator closes its mouth then reopens it. It now has teeth. It begins to release the things that it swallowed in the order that it took  them in. The last to be released was the lion. It come out of the mouth as if standing up on its hind legs, but it is floating in the air.

The lion is now at edge of the mouth, the gator turns its head & grabs the lion by the back of the neck. The lions face looks almost human with its expressions - it has a look of terrified horror. Blood begins to flood the landscape.  Everything begins to turn red - the land, the water, the trees, & even the sky. I woke myself up at this point because I did not want to witness the death throes of the lion.