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Full Version: Buffalo & Cow Dream, 7/16/16, am
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Dreamed I am knocking at the door of a house in the country. This place sells fruit so I wanted to see if there was any left to pick. An elderly man comes to the door and I ask if I can come in and he says yes.  Then I am ready to leave and am trying to find the door to go outside. He says, no that's the garage, let me walk you out. So he leads me through a door that goes out to the front yard. We are both standing on the front porch and look toward the road and see a tan & white cow jump the barbed wire fence near the road.  Then we see a buffalo bull right behind the cow and when he tried to jump the fence he gets tangled in the barbed wire. I tell the farmer we need to call 911 and he is not standing next to me. He is running toward the cow and catches her then puts her in a fenced in area so she is safe. I look at the buffalo and he has stopped moving and he looks pissed.  I walk over to the farmer and he says, the owner of the buffalo will come and get it, not to worry.  I look back at the buffalo and see people & horses and see they are helping to free the buffalo so I am not so worried about him now.  I look at the cow to see if she is ok. The farmer says, oh she will be fine now. End of Dream