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Full Version: New kind of vending machine
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I dreamed there was a new kind of vending machine. You put in any piece of jewelry that is part gold or gold-plated and the vending machine melts it down, separates out the gold and then spits out a little gold disk for you to keep.

Dreamed 7-27-16 a.m.

Sounds like a good thing to have. I think women would find it very useful and fun to use.
After taking some time to think about this dream this morning I will add this further info. I asked for an intentional dream last night. I have been suffering from some digestive problems for months and I asked for a dream about the cause of the problems. This was the only dream I remember from last night. At first I just thought it was just an interesting dream that had nothing to do with what I asked about. But after thinking about it for a few hours, perhaps it was related. Perhaps it was saying "leave the junk (vending machine) food behind and eat only the best food (gold). Maybe I will ask again tonight and see if I can get another dream that has a similar message.

Sounds like a clear msg you received and one that we all could benefit from. Processed food is sooooo not good for the body but our taste buds sure do like it.