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Full Version: Epic dream
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Well it was a long dream and I remember getting my breaks changed and driving back from ?? I was driving through a canyon passed some bikers. (Both could be day residue). Had to floor it to avoid a car and the bike

There was a roadside break check station and they said those are some good breaks. Somehow there was a second check point run by kids and adults. I saw some kids get tired and leave. They were hiking back to town all crossed an ice covered river and the last boy fell in was clinging to the bank freezing. No one was helping so I ran across the fragile ice fell in also but got him out.

I then remember hearing I got my angel wings for the deed. Then seeing the doctors being told you can't give up he's here because he sacrificed himself in the icy water to save a kid. You've got to revive him. They went back to work and I woke

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do you live in an area where rivers become covered with ice in winter? or a warmer climate?
I live in a very cold climate with a 50 day growing season. We can have snow frost any time.

It could have been the road I drive home on though all the other things were odd given the ice on the river.

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On a side note as you made my thinker go. There was the first inspection point I drove through which came as no surprise. However I went through a second checkpoint which they had to stop traffic on the other side of the road from using my lane so I could get through. There was significant traffic for the rural mountain road.

The group of kids going the other direction, the last one and youngest getting into trouble, me or whomever saving him/her. It almost seemed like they were going back somewhere they shouldn't and someone tried to stop them Ineffectively.

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