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Full Version: 8/4/2016 7:30am Terror Attack after the Olympic games...
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I am standing next to my guide, confused... I was just having a nightmare and I thought i woke myself up.

My guide looks at me and says "are you ready for the next level?" I am confused and tell him, I don't know what is happening, and I can not remember the previous levels...

My guide replies, "That is okay, this is the level that needs your focus the most".

My guide waves his hand and i am standing in front of a portal that reminds me of a reflection in a mirror at a fun house, everything seems a bit hazy and distorted. I step through the portal I hear the following doors song...

As soon as I step through the skies go from a soft purple and pink to over cast, lightning off in the distance flashes and lights up the mountains. I am on a dark wet street, I am riding a bike and in front of me are my Ex-Husband, and my daughter. I too am on a bike but for some reason I can not catch up them or keep up with them. I getting these deep sense of dread, knowing that I am falling behind....

From over my shoulder I hear Jim Morrison whisper... faces come out of the rain, alright?

I look up at the sky and it is isn't raining but suddenly i see a bunch of faces in the rolling gray and black clouds, screaming faces. I stop the bike and I look towards the sky, in the images in the sky i see people running everywhere, their faces contorting in pain and fear. People are running and crying.

WHAT IS GOING ON? I yell out...

I hear my guide from over my shoulder say, this is just the beginning, it is going to get worse.

WHEN AND WHERE IS THIS GOING TO TAKE PLACE? I yell my question out as if to the sky,

I hear my guide say, after the games.
I turn around to face my guide, and to ask him... The Olympic games?
He is gone, I am standing there in the wet street holding onto the handle bars of my bike alone, i feel a drip of water on my face from the sky, it is starting to rain, then a second drip this time on my neck.

I woke up to find myself crying.
Did you get a sense of whether it was in Rio or some other country after the games have ended?
Whenever I hear that song, I'm reminded of the movie The Lost Boys, a movie about vampires.
What I saw was a street like this one, two story buildings and the street had these posts.
(I just did a search to find out that they are called bollards)
The bollards were cement not metal, i know that information, it isnt like i saw cement, i was seeing the scenes in the clouds, which made it impossible to see the color of peoples skin or clothing, i could just see their faces, the street, and the outline of their bodies as they were running away.

[Image: director-park-sunny.jpg]

The faces were like this: [Image: 177639c2ea109b043e40627299fe6d1c.jpg]

[Image: article-2427892-1822EB0F00000578-706_964x630.jpg]
Photo from:
Rio Olympics 2016: Two hurt after bus carrying journalists attacked
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RIO DE JANEIRO — Rio Games organizers stepped up police patrols around the Olympic Park on Wednesday after a bus was hit by what security officials said were stones hurled by vandals.
Thanks Windy, found some botrun lingo which supports this attack.
Cool Twice, i know this is not the event it was much larger, but this is interesting news:

Security concerns continue at the Rio Olympics as a bus carrying media had windows shattered by what witnesses believe was gunfire, Reuters reported Tuesday. According to Brazilian paper O Globo (via USA Today), authorities believe the damage to the windows was from rocks.
Cyber Attack Hits Australian Swimming Website Following China Olympic Dispute
... under cyber attack, allegedly in connection with an Australian swimmer calling a Chinese competitor at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics a “drug cheat,”
A String of Horrific Attacks Haunting the 2016 Olympic Games

Last night, the Brazilian authorities arrested two men that might be related to ISIS.
Group Plotted Chemical Attack During Rio Games: Documents: Twelve people suspected of discussing plans to attack the Rio Olympics, including a "biochemical attack" on a water reservoir, were indicted in Brazil Friday, a source close to the investigation told NBC News.

The men were arrested in a series of anti-terrorism raids in late July, a couple of weeks before the Olympic Games. The group pledged allegiance to an ISIS offshoot, authorities said.

Brazil's Justice Minister at the time called the poorly organized group "absolutely amateur" with "no preparation at all." The source said the plot was more serious than initially described.