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Full Version: 8/8/2016 10:41am On the outside looking in.
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I am moving my stuff out of my apartment and a shadow man follows me, I am not afraid of the shadow man, he has always been with me.

There is a film crew like a reality TV crew, also following me.

I keep seeing people that I have helped such as my ex and his sister, or other people inside of their homes happy. I keep looking for a place for myself, and i walk by and I look into the windows of the apartments to find people i know all happy.

I get this very distinct feeling of sadness, like something isn't quite complete.
I am always on the outside of the window, looking in.

I hear my guide as I am waking up, Forbidden Physics... look again at the orbs.

NOTE: I am always on the outside of the window, looking in. This is a metaphor for feeling alone.

NOTE: When my guide first showed me the orbs, I was alone. "Single" and "Homeless". I was searching for something. I once again feel like I did back then. I believe the message that my guide is tell me is that I am now back to the original path that i was meant to be on, but also meant to make different choices... so my life would be different. When i realized this upon waking it made me cry. Not for getting off track, because i do not feel like i wasted any time, but because i have a deeper understanding of things.

While I am at peace with my new situation, i am not happy about it, but the path that i must follow is not an easy one, but it will be a lot easier to do alone.

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I love you Windy! You share so much of your journey with us all. Thank you for willingly sharing even the most raw parts . While we can't be there with you, we can support you in whatever way possible on this site and in prayers. You have our love, you are our sister.