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Full Version: 8/10/2016 4:41am Stock Market Tampering
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I am on the floor of the stock market, I am watching guys in suits that remind me of ~men in black~ these men are on walkie talkies and they are communicating with men in rooms above the stock market floor.

The men in the rooms upstairs, push a yellow button on a strange looking key board, which is like flipping a light switch, this makes it so that some people can not get their computers to talk to the trading floor fast enough, and the men can let other people who pay them for faster access get their bids in first.

The scene changes and i am now in a tall office building, I am in a room full of men who are doing math, and writing out complicated math programs to stall, and make the stock market skip. One of the men is drinking what looks like a soda, but it is a soda that i have never seen before, it is in English. (This is a key as to the time frame)

I am watching a TV screen and I see a blue headline tag that says "Barron's". Sept 22nd 2016 is listed on the screen with a news article with a photo of an old man's face. (I have no clue who the old man is)

One of the guys says, "Can we make the C.M.E. skip?"
The second guy says, "If we make it skip it may hit the international market, which will put them right on our heels, we need to avoid that."

I typed in Barron's on a google search and this what came up as #1....

The site is a stock market news website.

Apparently the new soda is already out....

[Image: guarana-antarctica-soda-can.jpg]