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Full Version: Yellow Ball, Brick House & Insect Legs
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Intent to dream about where/when of Eric's latest prediction

I received a third eye picture of an alive and glowing yellow/orange ball on a black background. My first thought was 'sun'.


We have just bought a large brick house. The mover's truck is at the back trying to park so our stuff can be unloaded. They back into the wall of the house and push it in about 6 inches. Looking at a broken support beam, I'm afraid our insurance won't be enough to rebuild if we have to because I'd just recently reduced it.


Granddaughter has legs that look like insect wings. She runs to hide in Grampa's bedroom when her mom shows up at the door. Her mom also has legs that look like insect wings. In fact, her mom looks like a big insect. Really not wanting to, I show her mom where she is.