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Full Version: 8/10/2016 11:02am Girl is Ghetto
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I am in the body of a young woman, she had just moved into a ghetto of a neighborhood because the housing market is in decline in this area. The neighborhood maybe RIO, Puerto Rico or could be Detroit, or even a slum in Louisiana.

The odd thing about this neighborhood is the parcels and parking lots. There is the regular "mobile home size rectangle grid" for each property, but each property also has a second mobile home size rectangle grid of land for parking, and as a yard.

The wind walk starts out that i am trying to kick people off of my new property because i have a young girl at my house (i believe it is Britney Spears) because i asked her about her hair shaving melt down. The people keep trying to take pictures of her from my drive way/car port.

We step out to the back lot to get some sun and talk, and they are in my back yard. There are two city workers with a truck of fancy plants and fountains, landscaping between my back lot and a walking/hiking trail. I go out there and i pick up what i thought was a person, but it turns out it is a dying black bear cub. (The size of a panda bear)

I go back inside and Britney Spears is missing.

(I woke up used the ladies room and managed to go right back to sleep into the same dream)

I am back in the neighborhood and i walk down to the corner and there are now three new businesses down there. All three businesses remind me of roach coaches, but these ones have been converted to a permanent unit on the property. The wheels have been removed.

I am wearing a bathing suite skirt, which is really short in the back. I am talking with one of the owners while he and his wife are making my food. (A black man, and dark skinned woman with wild curly hair, but she is not African black, but maybe mixed)
[Image: 523126880-portrait-of-a-puerto-rican-wom...BYUpn8ECsk]

I eat my food but i realize i am still hungry, so i try to order more. The dinner rush has just showed up and this dish took forever the first time. As I am standing at the counter waiting to place my second order, a group of thugs come up and one of them starts to rub on my thigh and keeps trying to look at my butt.

I keep moving away visibly shaken. The business owner comes out and sends me home, i run home the 1/2 block and hear gun shots. A few minutes later i am in my house with a gun and i am hunkered down, some young 12 year old boy is outside and he is yelling that i got his brother killed. He wants revenge, the boy begins to shoot at our house, so i shoot back.

Next thing i know i am aerial as if i am seeing the neighborhood from a drone. I see the 12 year old boy dead in the street, and i can see his older brother being picked up by an ambulance down at the corner.

From this view, i can see what a really shitty neighborhood this really is. It reminds me of Detroit in how run down it is... Yet people like me were buying houses here, and trying to make the neighborhood a better place by cleaning up and fixing up the lots. We just needed more police to keep the criminals and gang bangers in check.
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Olympics soldier is shot dead and comrades wounded in bloodbath after driving into Rio slum run by drugs gang by mistake

This is a photo of  Vila do Joao favela, which is the area in which this violence happened, note my rectangle yard and house property line descriptions above.

[Image: 40086315.jpg]
NEWS UPDATE: 8/13/2016

On Thursday, in response to the attack, a major police operation took place in the area and one resident, 19-year-old Igor Barbosa Gregorio Augusto, died after being shot by police along with two others in a neighboring area. His parents told local television stations he had no crime links and was only playing football on the street.

Meanwhile, residents of the Complexo do Alemão favela in the city's north, have had to dodge four gun battles in as many days. In the latest struggle overnight, police from the favela pacification unit which is designed to maintain order in communities ridden with drug trafficking, were attacked. No one was hurt or arrested, police told local website G1, but the community's transport link, a cable car, remained closed on Friday morning.

A 15-year-old boy and a 22-year old man were killed during the police operation in the Bandeira 2 community.