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Full Version: 8/13/2016 3:19am Ghost Warrior - Lesson of the day
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I am standing on a valley floor, it is early morning and the sun has not come over the mountains yet. There is a soft gentle light in the sky, lighting my path just enough to travel through this thick fog. I can not see more than a few feet in front of me.

I sense that there is something up ahead even though i can not see it. I am now inching my way forward, every step purposeful, and i can hear the dried yellow grass crunching beneath my feet. I see a figure in the mist just a few feet in front of me. I stop and the figure stops too.

I take a step forward, and the figure steps forward. I can barely make out the persons outline, but something that stands out is the person is wearing all white make up all over their body. It is a man, and he is wearing moccasins with bright beautiful porcupine quills in a fancy zig zag pattern near the toes, and he is wearing a medium length loin cloth, his feet are not touching the ground, he is suspended in mid air.

[Image: Howard-Terpning-Prepare-For-Sun-DanceRZ.jpg]

As I am looking at him, I notice he mimics everything that I do. From behind him my guide walks through the mist, and steps into the clear space in front of me, as if he just walked through a mirror.

"Do not stay too long" my guide says to me. I turn around to see what direction my guide is moving in, and when i look back the man is gone, and the mist has cleared. I ran after my guide and just as i am catching up to him, i ask... "What is the lesson today?"

"You have already had your lesson" he says to me.
"What lesson was that?" I ask him with a frown on my face, and my brow furrowed.
My guide stops and turns towards me and says "Your lesson was to recognize when you are seeing the past vs when you are seeing the future, today you failed. We will try again another day."
As I stood there without words, i tried to recall the sensations or anything that i could quantify, so i could recognize a feeling or a sense that i had about what i was seeing. For the life of me i could not find anything that stood out.

I awoke still going through the emotions, sensations, and instinctual feelings of the situation.
My take would be don't dwell too long on either. The misty nature most likely represents the future as whatever we see is not set/crystal clear and is subject to our and others action in the here and now.

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The lesson my guide said was "How to know in my wind walks if i am seeing the past, or the future"

This leads me to believe that I was looking into the past, and the scary part is the man i was seeing, could see me.

Does that mean in the past when people would talk of seeing spirits or ghosts, they were seeing people from all different times looking at them?
Not everyone sees ghost, is it only higher evolved minds who can pierce this veil?

I swear this wind walk left more questions than answers.
Either past or present, probably one who knows how to see could see you.

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