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Full Version: Demon dream, 8.13.16, am
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Dreamed I am in an area with other people around me. Then I see a person turn into a demon and start walking toward me. I move away from this person and each time I move a different demon confronts me. I am then looking for someone that I know will help me stop the demons. He lives in a armored RV and I know where it's parked so I go there. When I get to the RV he is not around so I will have to wait. While I am waiting people around me are turning into demons.
I finally have enough of their behavior and say, "ok do you all want to be destroyed tonight? If you take one step closer to me I will destroy you and you will cease to exist. Is that what you want?". They disappeared and the people around me were normal again. The man I was looking for showed up and I told him, we need to go now. He was hesitant and I told him, just start driving before the demons come out again.
End of Dream.