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Full Version: School's out
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13 August 2016
No intention

At a convention or seminar of some sort. Part of it takes place outside, part inside in a room set up with tables and chairs as if it were a classroom. There's no casual banter amongst the instructors or the attendees. A sense there's a lot of material to cover and not much time to get it done.

What I remember clearly was one instructor, a very no nonsense man dressed all in white, pacing back and forth before a whiteboard covered with statistics and photos, smacking a pointer stick against the board to empasize his points. He's not angry but very forceful. The room is silent except for his voice. He's telling us it has become apparent that our world is on a death spiral and well on its way to being dead because humans do not have the will nor the understanding to do what is necessary. That the majority of humans choose to put their own self interests and desires ahead of what is best for the world as a whole, have convinced themselves that acquisition of money and power is more important than living as one with the world, and it is that mindset that will be our downfall.

Then we are sent out to prepare as many as we can for what is coming next. The ones who understand what is happening and have tried to speak out but the old thinking and ways are so ingrained in the majority of the humans that it wasn't enough to make a difference. We are to ready the ones who understood. The rest will be left to their own devices until the planet decides it's time to rid itself of the human infestation that is slowly killing the planet.

Then I'm with several fellow students in a place with lots of people, like a busy mall or airport. All the TV stations are tuned to a news channel and the images are of some sort of battle taking place somewhere, followed by images of massive fires burning everything. A woman with a baby in a stroller stops next to me. She watches the tv for a bit, then shakes her head and comments that the world has gone mad. One of the people with me tries to explain to the woman what's happening but she walks away as if she didn't hear him speaking. He sighs and shakes his head. Someone comments that it reminds him of the saying "those who have ears to hear and eyes to see" and most have neither.


Definitely not an optimistic dream.

I've had other classroom dreams but none with as many people present as this time. My classroom,  however, was mostly empty. There were only a dozen or so people scattered about the room. I didn't know anyone else. I don't know if there were other classes or, if there were, what was discussed in them.

No timeframe mentioned but there was a feel of urgency, the need to get cracking to get our jobs finished.

I've been doing some intense personal work the last few weeks, hence the enforced solitude. There's been a feel that fun time is over and now it's time to deal with the last major issues of my healing. Those wounds that keep me from stepping fully into my upcoming role. Let's just say it's been intense.
Thanks for sharing this DLP. May you find the strength you need.