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Full Version: A Company Fails in Singapore
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The day before the date of my last posted dream.

I didn't think this was all that important since it's only a snippet of a longer dream I don't remember at all. But I've been bugged to post even the snippet so here it is.

I'm in a woman's body but it's not mine. This woman is tall, slender, with light brown hair that she has pulled back into a nice chignon. She's dressed in a red power suit with a white camisole top underneath. Pencil skirt(It's funny the little details one remembers sometimes). Black patent heels with an impressive heel height but not platforms. She's with a group of people at some sort of function at a hotel. They're all standing around, chatting and sipping drinks. She's just finished a phone call and returns to her group. It was an urgent call, one she had to take right away. Someone asks her if everything's okay. She smiles, sips her drink, and tells the person that the call was from the home office and that as of the end of this assignment, she was out of a job.

This newsflash gets the attention of several groups of people and they crowd around her, wanting more information. Several people offer their sympathy. She thanks them but tells them that she suspected that something was up at the home office before she left. She tells them how there had been a recent round of layoffs due to decreased profits. Someone comments that it's unusual for someone in her position to be laid off. She comments that she was being laid off in advance of the company being shut down, that the call was a head's up for her so she wasn't caught off guard. She's asked what she will do and she replies that she managed to live well below her means, even in Singapore, and she had money stashed away in investments and accounts that would provide her with an modest income for years, if she were frugal. Someone else asks her if the entire company was closing down. She tells them she wasn't sure about the US branches but it wouldn't surprise her. People excuse themselves and hurry away, whipping out their phones as they go. She takes a sip of her drink and muses that maybe she'll buy some property in "the mountains"-said as if the people around her know which mountains she meant-and move into a small cabin because if her company was going under, they were simply the first of a long line of companies that went under. Business is that bad? she's asked. She looks at the person and says that despite all the positive stories about how well the global economy is doing, the reality is the economy was in the toilet and going down the drain.


This was one of those dreams where I felt like I was a spectator in someone else's body.

Whatever this gathering was, everyone seemed to know each other and the feel of them was they were heavy duty movers and shakers in the business world.

No details about this company, beyond the home office was in Singapore, was mentioned. But it is apparently big enough that when it goes down, huge shock waves in the global financial world will result.