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Full Version: DREAM FULFILLED: National Guard at Hotel Riot
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I was lolling around, with family members and others. They were sitting on the ground; I was laying down on my side. We were all very relaxed.  Every now and then a National Guard member would come by to check on us, although we did not pay much attention to them.  Then another National Guard came by to talk to us, and I recognized this man as someone I used to work with and now I thought we better listen up as this was serious and I sat up to listen.

We were then staying at a Marriott; many of the rooms had stained glass windows along the hallways.  I could see large crowds of African Americans with a few whites outside coming into the hotel. I slipped out of my room to join them.  A white female in the crowd sat down in a lawn chair as though to watch the ensuing action and beckoned me to join her. I joined her for a minute or so and then walked away.

The crowd pushed through the hotel trying various doors to gain entry into rooms.  I now observed this from within the guest rooms, and could see African American men pressing their faces against the stained glass trying to see into the rooms.  The crowd moved slowly through the halls as there were so many people pushing through.  Men slammed their fists against the glass trying to gain entry, and although some of the glass cracked, it did hold.

I could see elderly whites in some rooms, playing dead. I returned to my room and kept the lights out. When the crowd tired of ransacking rooms, they dispersed. I observed the National Guard going room to room, tagging dead people with large white adhesive paper about 4" x 6", carefully labeled.

The uniform looked like this:[/img]
Wonder if this could have anything to do with the National Guard activated in Louisiana for the flooding.
Sadly, this seems to be a hit with the riots at the Omni Hotel in Charlotte:

hotel has glass walls:

[Image: Charlotte_Police_Fatal_Shooting.8-900.jpg]

Here's a photo of people at a vigil all laying down:
[Image: Charlotte_Police_Fatal_Shooting.1-1254.jpg]

Here's what TwiceBlessed posted...thanks for catching this!

There is a protest/riot in front of the Omni hotel tonight in Charlotte.
Who had the dream about rioting and a hotel? Could this be what was dreamed? I know it isn't Marriott but they are VERY close to each other ( a tenth of a mile I believe). We should keep an eye on this.

Hyatt House hotel in Charlotte on lock down.
From CNN:" A valet at the Hyatt House Hotel in downtown Charlotte was punched in the face, the hotel's manager, Matt Allen tells, CNN. Protesters used bricks to bust windows and the hotel is now in lockdown. Guests have been advised to stay in their rooms."
Thanks Iris for getting the information here.
Also, we have a dream fulfilled button? Cool!
(09-22-2016, 03:01 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Iris for getting the information here.
Also, we have a dream fulfilled button?  Cool!

Well good idea,TB, button would be nice!
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Oh! Haha! Self post editing. Well that works. I think we need a "button" haha.