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Full Version: Several Dreams of tonight
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24th of August 2016

First i dreamt of me being in elevator. Then in descended in the cellar and there the elevator was somewhat of a safe. 
I did not feel so good then.

24th of September 2016

I dreamt that i had to make something with groceries. I should have prepared like the sugaring above the cake. But i had to prepare it on the floor and on square black and white tiles. It fit exactly on one tile what i prepared. And i could lift it up and turn in around. 
Then a woman came and took it away and brought it to her son, who was  sort of her prisoner in a bright room. So he could eat it. It was on an also square white peace of paper. But he chose not to eat it yet. maybe later.

24th of September 2016

Then i also dreamt of me fighting with a black President of the USA. He was bald, and did not look like Obama. Any way I disagreed with him, I was angry at him, he did not care about something that happened in Senegal. 
So I wanted to hit him , but sort of a energy (religion?) let me not grasp him between my hands. 
Then later I managed to put him in line with other countries and entities (EU), and the line looked like the airplane concorde with a head of a snake and was also like a stick. The line was like on a snake and ladders game board, and diagonally. The head was up and left. 
As I saw the line and the head of the snake I also thought of Aaron and Moses


1st Dream: 
I yesterday went to see if a new washmachine arrived in the cellar. I sort of felt guilty because after i noticed it broke i did not tell it right away. And someone else told it to the house lord i guess.

2nd Dream: 
I thought of calling my mother yesterday because she has some trouble with her ship. But she was also the one who received a lot of money when I was in prison for drugs in Paraguay. She also withheld some money from me I wanted to spend on my liberty. In her defense she thought she new a better way how to get me free.  We until today do not agree in all terms who was right. I could have died while fighting and confronting several opponents , while my mother had tens of thousends of money ready for my liberty, and has never asked me just one single time if I need some money, nor did she want to send me as I asked her to. And she says she managaed to get a huge swiss foundation on board who paid for a good lawyer. Then i defend myself that the papers for my liberty moved most and fastest as I made my hungerstrike. In these 3 weeks the papers really moved faster than in the 9 previous months, and even the swiss Ambassador went to court for me twice. And after I stopped the hungerstrike after the swiss embassy assured me the papers are through, it took them another 5 months to get me free. Anyway as I got transferred to switzerland, my Mother had an enormous party arranged in a very good club in Basel, and it was also her birthday. And I got asked if I want to go free this very night, but I preferred to stay in prison in Switzerland, after all I went through I did not want to take part in this party. But yesterday I got a Job in exactly this Club, where the Party would have been.   

Then I was also cooking in my kitchen yesterday, which has a floor with black and white square tiles.   

3rd Dream:

Again the Washmachine. Washing-ton(e). I will check out the new washmachine today. Eu-ropa. Eu is good in greek, ropa is clothes in spanish. The pole and the snake are symbols of Asklepios the God of the Medicine and also the Dreams. Hygieia is his daughter and the Goddess of health and we use her name in the word hygiene. When I wash I will be cleaner, healthier. After I put the powers in line ot looked like a concorde, so they might agree concord on ceratin themes. So I might first have some difficulties with the washing but then get success in washing. 

I read in a Museum in Basel snakes and ladder (in german Himmel und Hölle (heaven and hell), or in swiss leiterlispiel (laddergame)) is the oldest game in the world and comes from Egypt. So it combines with the snakehead of Moses, and also with the english name of snakes and ladders.
Well, this is now a confirmation of my dreams.

I went to wash my clothes with the new washmachine in the cellar.
Then I got a second Work. Also as Garderobier, the one who takes care of the clothes, while the people want to dance, the same work i got in the Club yesterday.
And this place is also connected with my liberty, because it is managed by people who pressured my mother to ask people for money for my liberty. And she got the money, and did not tell me that she tens of thousends of swiss francs for my liberty.

then in the evening I went to about my neighbourhood, and I saw a woman I liked a lot. I used to work in the same bar she works in. And we explaned some things to each other and we somehow cleared a lot between us. In the end we hugged and she said i smell good. I was wearing a freshly washed shirt.

Oh and I also said to a man who is preparing a reptile show in basel that i can not as planned before, work from the 5th to the 9th of september, because I got some family business to take care of on the 6th of september. But i will be able to work from the 7th to the 9th of september. and he agreed. So a lot is in line.