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Full Version: Blue eye Aliens, 8/26/16, am
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Dreamed about Aliens with blue eyes.  Was told I am one of them and there are lots of us here on Earth. Will add details later today. I wanted to get this posted so I would not forget.

Start of dream. I am walking into what feels like a doctors office. Someone tells me to have a seat in a chair that looks like a dentist chair. I look to my left and see a man in the adjoining alcove being worked on by who I assume is a dentist. I look around and see a woman who resembles the dentist so I think she must be his sister because they look alike. They are both small so I think they must be little people. There were other people there watching, but they are different and were in dark uniforms.

Then the woman walks toward me and stands next to my chair and puts a flimsy clear plastic thing over my eyes and nose and tells me to breath natural. This thing is clear, flimsy/bendable, high tech looking. I take it off and tell her, I am only here for a consultation, I don't want any dental work done. She doesn't answer me and puts the thing back on my face. I take it off again and say the same thing. She tells someone, she won't keep it on her face. Then the Doctor comes over and says here let me do it and he puts it on my face and says, breath deeply. Then I started feeling different and said, why does my body look different now? No one answered me.

The next scene and I walk into a room and there are people (?) in the room sitting at what looks like computers. They turn around on their chairs when I walk in. They all have very bright blue eyes. They seem startled that I walked into the room. I told them, don't be afraid, I think I am one of you. One of them smiled and said, yes, there are many like you on Earth.
End of dream.
Update 8/29/2016, AM. Dreamed of an Alien child who was hiding under a piece of furniture. He was easy to see because his skin is a pearly white color. I gentled coaxed him out and started talking with him. Then we each held up our left hand putting them together, palm to palm. He smiled and I said, see we are not that different, you don't need to hide any longer. He was shy and uncertain and happy at the same time. I picked him up wanting to take him with me. I was told no and when I tried to argue I was told, he will be fine now. The dream ended with my telling someone that children need love and encouragement and they should not be left alone hiding under furniture.
I wonder if the Alien child is representing a refugee child or a "alien, different country" child. With all that has been in the news of Syrian children and their plight, I wonder if this is what you are dreaming about.
Thanks for sharing this dream with us Julie.
It almost seems like you are dreaming about transhumanism. Yuck. I hope they're not going to force THAT on us now...
8/30/16 Update. Heard this morning on a local talk radio station: SETI Team Investigating Mysterious Signal from Star 94 Light-Years Away.

This fits with the part of my dream where I said "you don't need to hide any longer". Makes me go Hummmmm.