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Full Version: Black Room
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08/27/2016 AM
No intent
I was in a very dark, very large room. There were bleachers on each side of the room going almost straight up one hundred levels. The bleachers were filled with people wearing black robes. They all seemed to be asleep. My Hubby was sitting next to me holding a shotgun, but still asleep. I was trying to figure out what was going on and why we were there. I heard a shotgun blast from somewhere far over on the left of me. My hubby raised his shotgun up and toward the left just missing my head and fired two shots, but never woke up. There were periodic sounds of shotguns being fired. The noise did not seem to wake any of the people. There were no sounds of people being hit or hurt. Suddenly I felt that I could not breathe. I woke up.

No idea where I was.
There was a lot of blackness in whole dream.
I could not breathe as I had rolled over and crimped my Oxygen hose!
The new dosage of sleep medication seems to allow me to dream longer, deeper and to remember much more.
Very metaphorical dream, wow! I find it very interesting that everyone was asleep but you, and some of them were firing weapons while asleep. So do you think that the shots were being fired at the opposing bleacher each time, or was some of it being shot off amongst the folks you were with? And could you see the folks on the other side clearly?
I think I was a split viewer, one seeing what was there from above and one seeing from my seat on the bleachers.
I could just barely make out the forms of other people on either side of me. I could not see the other side at all I just knew they were there. As far as I could tell the shots were being fired into the air and I wondered if anyone had given thought to where those shells came down. I have no idea what this dream means.