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Full Version: Fireball in the Sky
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I'm sitting on the edge of a bed, and I get up to look out the window. I appear to be in an apartment on roughly the third floor. I look up into the sky and see a fireball in the sky. It's tiny at first, but gaining speed really fast. My heart starts racing and I think to myself "Well, this is it then, no escaping THAT." I sit down on the edge of the bed to pray, but feel the need to look out the window one last time.

The fireball is much closer, but now it appears it's under intelligent command, as it's zipping around in the atmosphere. People on the ground are running around in panic. My mom and my brother join me at the window, and my mom makes the comment that whoever these invaders are, the government is in on it, and we need to leave for the safe house.

We jump into a car, and now it's my mom and my boyfriend. The streets are filled with people running around screaming. We stop at a building that's just imploded, and there's rubble and dust everywhere. I see a man with a backpack on climbing out of a hole in the ground, like he's come out of a subway.

We continue on into an area with brownstones, and some are occupied and some are very obviously abandoned. I'm thinking we should just pick one, as people are crushing around the car trying to get in. Somehow this has made me way more panicky than the fireball did.

We pull up to a brownstone, and rush inside and bolt the door. I realize that actually it's several that have been connected somehow, and there's a lot of people here who are resistance fighters. There's a lot of activity, but we're organized, but we still need to keep a low profile. There is much talk about the corrupt government using the invaders as a false flag type of event, to stir up panic and institute martial law.

At some point we need to go out and get supplies. There is another car following us with two women inside, and they have recognized us. My boyfriend, who is driving, hits the gas and the chase is on. We lose them in the city.

Thoughts - very unusual dream for me. I haven't been dreaming lately, but this one was extremely clear. My mom has passed, I don't speak to my brother, and I now live in the sticks, not in a city. So hmmmmm... But since I'm an empath, probably not unusual for a crowd of people surrounding the car trying to get in would make me panic. Too many afraid people, all broadcasting in full screaming panic mode.