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Full Version: Murder plot
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So whomever I was had someone trying to frame them for some crime or take their identity. It was quite elaborate the dream that is.

First thought that we were seeing a confidant or something in the hospital or something. We left to go somewhere and while leaving someone said here this is yours someone stole it from you and handed me a fingertip. At first I thought well I'm not missing a fingertip and then after examining it said well I did lose the print off this finger and we went back to find the individual to see if he appeared to be getting ready to have it attached.

We went back and he was in a group room now awaiting some surgery. I could no longer find the finger tip I had had so grabbed one of the other two in the group to find it and we left, discussed how to stop the process from happening before completion or their murder so I wasn't framed or my identity taken by this individual.

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Wasn't a prediction

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