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Full Version: Free Shopping, 9/7/16 am
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Remembered only a few bits and pieces of this dream.

Start of Dream. I am in a room with a few people, maybe 5 or 6. I overhear people talking about personal hygiene. Comments I overheard: *there is no reason to let yourself get stinky just because of what happened. *well what am I supposed to do, we don't have running water. *we can go and get supplies at the store across the street. *but how will we pay for it, we don't have money. *remember we don't need money now and besides there is no one there to pay. *yes, that is correct, lets go.

We then all walk across the street to the store. It looks a Walgreen's where they have a variety of products. I find some tote bags and point them out so we each take one and start filling them with things we need. As I am filling my bag I start thinking about how we can get these products to people who are in need of them. End of Dream.
Julie- looks like you and I had corresponding dreams last night about a severe economic downturn.

Hi Kelly - yes, unfortunately it looks that way doesn't it? I would think the states would cut spending in areas like libraries unfortunately. In my dreams like this one, it is the absence of people that disturbs me. When I wake from one of these dreams I wonder, where are all the people?
Or a disaster. That would explain some things too.