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Full Version: Device causes EMP, 9.9.16, am
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Start of Dream: I am standing with a group of people and we are looking out of a floor to ceiling window.  In the distance, we see a skinny mushroom cloud. It is moving like a tiny tornado. Someone says, look how it's moving and destroying everything it touches. While we are watching this occurrence I heard the following comments and I made a few myself.

** : It's going to cause a EMP.
Me: What about the Zombies?
** : There's no such thing as zombies.
Me: I have a knife ready just in case we need to chop their head off.
** : Put that away. There's no such thing as zombies.
Me: Ok then. What do I need to do to prepare?
** : You could go underground, the EMP won't effect anything there.
Me: How am I supposed to get there?
** : I don't know yet.

In the next scene we are all walking away from the window. Everyone is talking about the preparations they are going to make. As we are leaving we see 3 or 4 dogs. Someone says, the EMP must have killed these dogs. I stop and say, we need to check their collars for ID so we can notify the owners. Then I notice that they are not dead and said, look they are still alive. Another person said, they won't be alive for long, they are messed up on the inside.  I  decided to stay with the dogs to look after them until they passed away. Someone said, you need to leave and prepare. I said, NO I will not leave them alone! I will stay with them until the owners come or they die. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: I woke up thinking about the WW II Holocaust in Europe.