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Full Version: Decay
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I was in my office, and everyone was there, including people who had quit. There was a table and everyone was putting food down and getting ready to party. But the weird thing was, in walking back to the food, I noticed all this mold on the walls. It was FURRY, and drippy and really pretty gross. I tried to wipe it off as I walked past, but frankly, no one else seemed to notice.

The scene changed, and now I was at some kind of a fair, and there were tables of food (still). It all looked really good until you got close, and then I noticed that it was all decaying to some extent. Everyone was loading up their plates and baskets, and I was horrified. The longer I stood there, the more I realized that not only the food was decaying, actually a LOT of people around me were dying too. I was ok, and not everyone was dying, but a lot of them were. And acting as if they weren't dying inside.

I started looking for my Sunpass so I could get out of town, but couldn't find it. Ultimately I decided that it probably wasn't necessary anymore and just left.
I keep thinking about this as a metaphor about what we're being "fed", as a society. We keep eating it up, and it's killing us. Most people just want to la la la, put their fingers in their ears, and pretend it's all normal. But it's not. We need to wake up and look closely at what's going on before it's too late.

In the end of the dream I decide to leave my technology behind, as it wasn't "necessary" anymore. Yet another traveling dream for me.
Most people go through life in a seemingly zombie like state. Yes much of modern society is killing us and the planet and we need to stop much of it and work towards a world that raises all up and stop following the propaganda we are fed and living in the zombie like state.

On your traveling and leaving technology behind, read better off, flipping the switch on technology which discusses wether we are working for our technology and wether it improves our lives or not.

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Technology only improves our lives as much as it connects us. And not in a superficial way. There's a LOT of that going on. But where it serves to link our spirits, that's all a good thing.