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Full Version: Dream of being in a aeroplane
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14th September 2016

I was in a aeroplane. Many people were sitting in their seats. The seats were blue. It was time to eat and the food was brought. 
I stood up and walked towards the front. I was at the left part of the aeroplane. In front there were the better classes. I saw a stewardess who told 2 passengers that they were upgraded. I then watched into a screen and saw a turkish movie. 
Then the name of the Model Karolina Kurkova was a theme. She seemed to be on the plane too. I then turned around and was about to walk back to my seat. 

I was once on a airplane to turkey. I just worked with movies at a movie Festival. Then I was in contact with a model agency. And Karolina/Caroline/Carolina are important names in my life.