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Full Version: Two libraries
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Started out I was going to a famous college library to do some research on some scientists(?) that had been killed. The campus was old, very northern look. I get to the main floor, and there is a large group gathered. There is a woman in the front and she starts to read off the names of the people I am investigating, but she only gets through two names, and announces that the reading has been postponed, and we are all to leave. I am disappointed, but go.

I'm in a restaurant, a lot of old people. I'm with my mom, and someone gives us two copies of a golf brochure. I guess I'm supposed to re-design it, but for some reason we both leave them on the table. We end up having to go back, and the waiter has cleared them away. We are moving back to where he thinks he put them, and I can see the clientele has changed. The area we are in is more like a sports bar, lots of men watching the TVs and yelling and drinking. The image on the TVs changes to a news report, something about a plane crash.

Back at the campus, I remember there is a different school library I can go to, which might have the list of scientists I'm looking for. I see my dad and brother about half a block away, and take off after them. I end up in a car with my dad driving. We pull up next to the library, and I point out this huge water slide coming out of the side of the building, and tell my dad we need to jump in the water, as that's the shortcut to the library. I've done it before. But he ignores me, and we park and go in a side door. We keep going up and up, it's like a medieval castle, except the doorways are like the arrow slits, and while I squeeze through most of them, I lose my dad at the last one, I can't make it through. I pull back and go another way, and somehow make it to the main library floor.

The local rescue group is there, and there are dogs and puppies everywhere. Even in my dream I think, really? Dogs again? (Brief moment of lucidity!) But I dive right in and scoop up what looks to be a poodle puppy. I think how can you not have any Goldens? Anyway, I'm talking with my dad, and this puppy keeps repeating every last word that I say. Huh?!! I start saying words, and the puppy is repeating them in this high, squeaky voice. The last word before I woke up was repeated three times. The puppy said "Watch".
There are so many things going on in the world to watch. Do you have any idea what "watch" is referring to?
Not sure this isn't day residue of sorts, as I've been reading David Wilcock's new book, The Ascension Mysteries. My spiral dream with the barefoot walking and rising up, feeling lighter and better, and the imagery here with the shortcut to the library being a water slide UP, as well as the way we went, with my dad being able to pass through the final doorway, as he's deceased, and me getting stuck in the portal.

That said, Wilcock thinks the 26,000 year precession of the equinoxes heralds an energy burst that will cause the ones who are ready to ascend to the next level. And according to him, we are a bit overdue.

So, in a LOT of words, I think that's what "Watch" means to me.

And to me, the "library" could be the Akashic Hall of Records. Which is why physical me isn't ready to fit through the portal yet, although I did visit.
Golden Girl, you sure have a lot of 2 references.
2 libraries, 2 scientists, 2 eating style places, 2 gold brochures, to relatives, and a puppy that repeats your words. Look hard at the meanings for 2.
Also, is your waterslide a spiral? I have more thoughts, but I am curious about the slide.

Oh, and what direction was the appearance of the puppy(ies) and also your dad?
Wow Twice, I didn't even see that. Cool! The slide was a wave type slide, not a spiral. But to ride it you jumped in the bottom, rode the wave down and then shot up into the building. The slide disappeared into the building at the second story. Umm, I am laughing as I wrote that before I thought about it. Another two! (Twos brought to the surface thanks to TWICE!!) I didn't think it was strange, and had apparently been on it before.

I'm not sure what you mean by what direction was the appearance of the puppies and my dad though. (Had to work today and it's been a long one....)
Well, if your puppies were a totem, sometimes the direction the totem appears ( or other totem activity) is important.
Second story, yep, another.
Maybe wave and water are important.
Not sure what direction. And my dad at the point we were in the library was not speaking, he was just standing there watching the puppy say "Watch". I guess validating that whole thing.

So now it's twos, waves and water, spirals, spirit animals as dogs, and climbing or ascending. All things to watch for! Big Grin

Although "Watch" spoken three times could be a reference to time as well, meaning in three months or days, 3:00 (which is supposed to be the hour we are most able to contact the other side), or 3 years.

I guess since I'm dreaming, or should I say remembering again, I should incubate the meaning of all this.