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Full Version: Strange Dream of Ukraine Christmas in my Masonic Dream Lodge
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Angel   Bizarre Dream nightmare of sorts last night. Back attending this dark dream Lodge I have described in other dreams. Looks like Christmas Ukraine festival we used to have every year in Winnipeg. being projected behind black translucent curtain. Repeats in loop faceless Accordion players, dancing Ukraine Girls with doll like faces in festive long dress throwing red flaming flowers in the air. Christmas colours, a cavalcade of XMas Music, appears like a Russian Military Choir in the background very faint. Bells then jingle followed by searing heat and crowd laughter. People disappear, then dark blank faced tuxedo-ed Master Masons with red glowing eyes. repeating, "In for a Penny in for a Pound, who is the more foolish, the Fool Bitches or those who follow the Fool Bitches?"

Interesting related points;
Not a prediction but does go with those dreams I have of fields of Ruuuusski Tanks in the Winter, in Winter Camo paint check this out Some interesting dates Jan 6th to 19th 2017 then.... comes the 20th right on Clinton's Inaguration Day ???

Ukraine XMas  ends Jan 19th 2017.  Presidential Inauguration January 20th 2017 

Anyone else having recurring dreams of conflict with feelings of heat burning? 
Glad to see someone else having dreams about Russia. Thank you for posting with so much detail Psmeall.