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Full Version: The Eye View
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09/20/2016 AM
No intent

Maybe you have seen the way a movie closes with “The End”, when that lens eye view slowly shrinking, until it becomes a black screen with a white dot. This morning I got to see an opening eye lens view just as I was waking up. Instead of closing it was opening!

The view I had in just my left eye: round shape, black background like a chalk board, words written in the manner of graffiti. All the lettering was print with various thickness of lines, some written bold and some weak, some were new and some had been there long enough to become faded. There were numbers there as well. There were layers upon layers of words and numbers. There were no pictures or other shapes in the view.

These are the few words and numbers I remember: you, they, we, my, mine, never, forever, waste, now, always, peace, war, fight, love, 8888888888888 (off into infinity), why, when and all the primary numbers were scattered in there

Whatever I was seeing had been there for a long time. There were so many overwrites that nothing could be read as a complete sentence and they were written in all directions. It had become a nest of jumbled words.

There were many words written in bold. The only one I really remember seemed to have been written most recently, was taller than anything around it and seemed to be a single message. THEY

I know that “they” usually signal other as in “They” say I should do something.”, and that often the reply is “Just who are “They?”. Whoever wrote that word wrote it tall, strong and bold. I just don’t know if it was a warning, accusation or what.
This is the second time I have seen this but last time it was writing on a long slab like stone that jutted out of a cliff side. I did not think it was worth reporting back then.
Wow. Very interesting. On Saturday I had a dream where three times the word "Watch" was repeated.

And just as you are wondering what "They" want of you, I keep wondering what I'm supposed to "Watch" for. Are they connected? Is anyone else having any dreams about words or commands?
Very interesting Escholars. I wonder about the they. I also wonder about the 8. What is never ending and is it connected to "they".
8 on its side is the infinity symbol.
I also recall the number 8 is meant to attract money/wealth.