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Full Version: All Stocked Up
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Was in an apartment that my mom got for me. It was small, almost no furnishings. The refrigerator was this half sized thing. I was trying to feel grateful, when I realized there was a room in the back that was full of food. Whatever you could imagine, it was stacked up to the ceiling. Felt very grateful indeed. Then I thought I needed to be careful who knew...

First thought this morning was I didn't remember anything. Then this came flooding back. Strange.
This has to do with your stocking up in case of bad weather?
I would think so. But the stockpile was more on the line of preppers, it was that big. Big Grin
Good that you will be well prepared on some level. Smile
GG, see the dreambot for today. It includes groceries and what I think is a hurricane reference.
Wow. It's times like these when I wish I wasn't sometimes precognitive. And I've always said that I'm better at it when it involves me directly somehow.