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Full Version: Nuclear News Report Dream, 9/21/2016, am
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Before going to sleep I stated the intention to dream about anything that needs to be posted on NDC.

Scene 1. I am watching a news cast on a TV. In the lower left corner of the screen is a blue closed captioning box with white lettering. I try to read the words in the closed captioning box and can't understand the words. When I try to focus in on the lettering, it fades away.  When I disengage from the vision I felt/heard/understood the following words: Nuclear, Winter, Northern & Province.  
Scene 2. I am walking in what feels like a office on a Military base.  I am walking behind a woman wearing a dark colored suit. She stops at an office and speaks with someone. We then continue walking in a hallway. She asks me if I think I would like to work here. I tell her, well I will certainly think about it.  

Afterthought: Because of this dream I woke in a foul mood, short tempered and ready to lash out at the first living being that irritates me. Sooooo I will have to keep myself in check through the day so as not to let myself take out this anger I am feeling on some unsuspecting soul. Example: Lets say you have a dream of a nuclear explosion going to happen. The only thing you can do is pray it does not happen because it will start WWIII. You go to the grocery store and while waiting in line you hear the person behind you complaining. They are complaining about the store not having the brand of coffee they like and how it has just ruined their day not to have that brand of coffee.  You want to turn around and very sarcastically tell that person "you know what I think will really ruin your day? How about a nuclear bomb exploding on the earth and WWIII starts? I don't think you will complain about not having your brand of coffee because you won't even be able to buy coffee anymore. How about that ruining your day?"
Thanks Julie. Yes, that would put a damper on my day too.
I hope you are able to gather more on this dream in the future.
TB - Will try tonight and see if I can get more info.