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Full Version: Nice Fish Dream, 9/22/16, am
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Intention was to dream about if I will marry again. Dreamed I am with a group of people and we are outside on a nice day. I see a family of a woman, man and 2 children. I am talking with another man that is there alone. I see a pile of big fish that look about 20 lbs each. Then I walk over to the family man and ask of they caught all this fish. He smiled and said yes. The man that was alone said, here these are for us and he pointed at 4 of the fish. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: After having such a disturbing dream about the nuclear event, it was nice to have a fun dream. I do LOVE fish, so I suppose this would be my dream relationship, someone that fishes. Even if it doesn't come true, it was a nice dream to have. Big Grin
I am glad you have it too. I wonder if it is a reference to the saying 'there are plenty of fish in the sea"?
And maybe 4 is a timeframe for you. Big Grin