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Full Version: 3 Dreams in sequence
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I had these dreams over three nights, with the last 23 Sept 2016

Dream 1: Walking with someone, a dark-haired man, along a country road. We're being passed by vehicles, fairly expensive vehicles, all heading in the same direction. We're heading to some sort of party. I don't know if we've been invited but we're attending the party, it seems.

The dream jumped to I'm standing along a trail somewhere in the Grand Canyon. I know this because I can see the river and across to the North Rim. The trail is nothing more than a rut of dirt along a fairly flat stretch of ground. There are bushes lining the trail on one side, with a cliff wall to the other side. The bushes mask a slope. Not a super wide trail but wide enough for people to pass in either direction without one group having to stand aside. I see the spouse coming down the trail. A small group of people-2 men, 1 woman-approach from the opposite direction. Spouse says hi to them as he passes, they say hi back. He walks a bit farther. There's a shallow depression that runs across the trail, a place where water runs when it rains. There's a trickle of water and I see that the depression is covered with thick ice that's hidden beneath some brush. Spouse steps on the ice, slips, and goes over the edge of the slope. I jog after him. He's lying on the ground. I'm unable to help in any way. He manages to pull himself back up to the trail, unable to use his left leg at all. He drops to the trail, propped against a rock. I know he can't hike back out on his own, that he'll need to wait for someone to come along who can go for help. I don't know if he has his cell phone or, if he does, if he could get a signal. I look in the direction of the people who passed by, they're already around a bend. But I can't shake the feeling they set up the spouse in some way.

Then the dream jumped back to the party. The man and I have arrived at the location of the party. It's a private residence, a ranch with white fencing around the property. People are moving around. I see that everyone is formally dressed. I look down at my old paint-spattered t-shirt and pants and comment that I'm woefully underdressed, and that even if I had fancy clothes, they were probably packed away. My friend tells me I'll be fine. That's so ludicrous that I laugh.

Dream 2: Inside a private residence. There are people milling around, all dressed in formal wear. Other people are dressed like me, in grubbies, and they're cleaning. I see a woman on her hands and knees, wiping baseboards with a cloth. I'm sitting on the floor, mixing a bowl of chocolate something by hand, with my phone propped against my shoulder and talking to someone. People move around me as if I'm not there, which doesn't seem to bother me. I don't know where my friend is but I know he's outside somewhere. A young man, late 20s-early 30s, and dressed in an all-white tuxedo, comes over to me and stands over me. He doesn't look happy. Give me that, he orders. I look up at him. He's holding out his hand. I tell my friend on the phone that I'll call her back. The man repeats his order, adding that I was doing it all wrong. I'm mixing it, I reply. He makes an impatient noise and then tells me he's a chef and he can't watch me any longer. Okay, I say, handing the bowl to him. I'm good with this. He walks off, bowl under one arm, and beating away at the mixture. I shrug, get up, and go look for my friend. He's outside, leaning against a fence. This is crazy, I tell him, they've started the party when the place isn't even ready yet.

Dream 3: Same location but this time the house is immaculate. Decorated like it's a castle or palace. The place is packed with formally dressed people. Even the servers are formally dressed. I'm still in my grubbies. My friend is dressed in a business shirt with the sleeves rolled up and jeans. We're standing off to the side, sort of in a corner, watching all the people moving around. Mingling and chatting, with servers weaving in and around with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. I ask my friend if he has any idea what's going on or why we're here. He shakes his head. I tell him this is the third time this party has occurred in my dreams. He says he knows. I say I still have no idea what's so important about this. He replies that it will be interesting to see if I dream of this party again.


What struck me was the progression of the dreams. They went from before the party was ready, yet people were already arriving, to the party was in full swing.

My friend was the same man who has showed up in other dreams. I know who he is.

The vignette with the spouse seemed so out of place, yet so real, that I actually called him to remind him to take his phone-which he often leaves in the Jeep while he's hiking-and make sure he pays attention to the path while he's hiking.

The clothes I wore in the party dreams were the same clothes I had worn during the day. They're my working grubbies: Old, paint-stained, beat-up, and really comfy. The t-shirt even has a couple holes in it. Yes, I am quite the fashion plate when I work around the house. Big Grin
So is the "friend" in your dream aware? Is he waiting for you to notice something? Do you think that the party is a gathering of high level people, or that's not the focus?

And D? I think I have the same outfit *ahem*. Big Grin
Got a part 4. This will be short because I'm on my phone.

At the party but now my friend and I are seated in wingback chairs in an elegant study or library. Can hear the sounds of the party in the background. There are other people in the room with us. They're not milling around, they're standing opposite of us, watching us intently. There's an older, elegant couple seated in matching wing chairs across from us. I ask why we're here. The man smiles and says they need to talk to us. He explains that they are a group of vampires who have no interest in taking over, who want to ally with humans in the coming war. I ask why they just don't do that, they don't need us for that. The woman says yes, they do, because they're breaking from the other houses and that is very dangerous for them. I woke up before the conversation continued.

All I know is someone is going to a lot of trouble to get our attention. Might be more when I get on the laptop.
Fifth and final dream of the series:

No longer at the party, but in a small room. Beat up furniture, a feeling of age. There's even an old tube-type TV parked atop a decrepit dresser. There's a double bed in the room. A motel room but not one of the chains. What I call the Norman Bates' type motels(there are still plenty of them around, if you know where to look). I'm sitting on the bed, tailor-style. My friend plops a suitcase down on the bed and opens it. I ask him what he thinks. He doesn't answer right away, just starts pulling clothes from the dresser. When he does answer, he just says I don't know. Do you think this is on the level? I ask. He tosses some of my clothes into the suitcase and says, Maybe. But it's just as likely it's a set up. They went to a lot of trouble to get our attention, I say. They wouldn't be the first, they won't be the last, he says. True, I say. In the meantime, he says, I think we're finished here. Agreed, I say.

(09-24-2016, 08:47 AM)Goldengirl Wrote: [ -> ]So is the "friend" in your dream aware? Is he waiting for you to notice something? Do you think that the party is a gathering of high level people, or that's not the focus?

And D? I think I have the same outfit *ahem*. Big Grin

My friend is very aware. When I asked if he was in the dream with me, he said he was. I asked if he knew anyone at the party, and the answer was "no."

The party was definitely the focus, although the purpose of our presence didn't appear until the fourth day. So I'm not sure if we were supposed to be present as early as we were.

And doesn't everyone have at least one outfit like that? I mean, who would want to get dressed up in nice clothes to snake out a septic line, garden, or paint a room?  Big Grin
You would assume that everyone has at least one outfit like that. But I know people who don't. I don't trust them either. Big Grin
I have a friend who thinks grubbies are coordinated sweats and sweatshirt, with stylish running shoes. None of her grubbies are stained or holey. It's very likely they're fairly new, too.

It's amazing we're able to be friends. Big Grin