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Full Version: Matrix class
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A snippet among a full night of dreaming:

I'm in a small yoga studio setting, all wood and ferns and peace. There is a small group of students, maybe 7 of us standing in a row. The teacher comes in, he's a tall African American dude, very muscled, yet also full of peace. He introduces himself, I don't remember his name, and then he asks us to drop into some kind of a position. Don't recall what he said, although I should, as the name of the pose was very familiar to me. Instantly we all dropped into a horizontal position towards the floor, but it was like we all went into this slo-mo, and just glided to the floor, and dropped into a fetal position.

I felt the gliding nature of it, and saw it happen with the woman next to me. Seriously, it was like in the Matrix when everything slows down.

Another man comes into the room, and I hear our teacher exclaim, "Wow, I've never seen a group of students that have shown this much ability from day one. Never!"

I feel proud, although I'm not sure what we're learning or studying to become.