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Full Version: Sandwiches
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Most of dream forgotten except the following:

group going somewhere. I had a car but parked it. 4 of us were no longer with group. A lady says she was asked to make food for group. So she says "well it's just the four of us to make sandwiches". I wasn't in my car. I was worried about leaving it.
I was doing a yoga class today and was thinking about this dream. I have been reading DOLORES CANNON books and following the idea of us moving into the 5th dimension.
The lady in my dream was probably a spiritual guide and the other 2 beside me are part of me -  subconscious and higher self. The group could be the general masses and we are going to feed them i.e. provide info, guidance about upcoming life changes ? Parking and leaving my car was for me to move out of being alone and work with the guide and my other parts.
Wow, nice interpretation! Parking and leaving your car could also be about leaving behind the materialistic point of view, modern society that loves it's machines more than it loves itself.

And it just occurred to me that this type of journey will necessitate transportation of a completely different variety. Big Grin