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Full Version: PREDICTION CAME TRUE: Grisly Murder
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Intention: October News

I was observing, not physically present, and zooming in on a family scene in an impoverished area.  The white frame house was dilapidated, in need of repair.  What I assumed was a family was in the backyard, a young man and woman possibly in their 30's, both with dark hair, and a young woman I thought might be their daughter, with long straight dark hair.   The adults were laughing and singing a bit, and appeared happy; their happiness made me happy.  Then as I zoomed in closer, I looked over to the young woman who could have been in her teens, possibly 20's. She was lying on the ground, and her eyes had been carved out.  I reeled in horror and looked to the left, and noticed carved up body parts strewn around, but not what amounted to a full body.

I had a sense that the man was either associated with law enforcement or security, or pretended to, having a uniform.
I also had a sense of water nearby, and thought there was a pool, but after the dream ended I realized I had not actually seen a pool, just sensed it.
oh my, believe this prediction came true:

suspect is bald with black beard; young college student burned and dismembered, found in a blue kiddie pool; suspect very friendly and loved by his customers, and was ex-Army