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Full Version: PREDICTION CAME TRUE ?: Cruise Ship Attacked or HIjacked
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INTENTION: October News Event

On a cruise ship, did not appear to be one of the megaships; gleaming white.  At sea, and there was some type of signal or alarm.  I recall there were 4 levels of signal/alarm, and the 3rd level was sounding or the alarm was comprised of 3 tones. The letter Q popped in my head, not sure what it mean: 'Quarantine' came to mind, but I doubt that was it, or maybe the letter Q is in the ship's name.

The ship returned to port in a busy town or city.  As it was slowly moving through a channel, I observed several men, armed with knives and guns, pressed up against a wall watching the ship. As the men were discovered, the order went out to speed up the ship to evade the men.  I couldn't see the men anymore, and I didn't know if they had leapt onboard or not.

The ship continued to gain speed, and was now careening down the city streets like an automobile in a car chase.

The thought 'Cartagena' came to mind, I don't know what if any cruises go there.

I since checked the internet, Cartagena is a port city in Columbia, and many cruises do indeed go there including Panama Canal cruises.
Q-ships, also known as Q-boats, decoy vessels, special service ships, or mystery ships, were heavily armed merchant ships with concealed weaponry, designed to lure submarines into making surface attacks. This gave Q-ships the chance to open fire and sink them.

They were used by the British Royal Navy (RN) during the First World War and by both the RN, the United States Navy and the German Kriegsmarine during the Second World War (1939–45).

Attacks on merchant ships by pirates originating on the Somalia coast have brought suggestions from some security experts that Q-ships be used again to tempt pirates into attacking a well-defended ship.
I searched for "cruise ship attack" and look what came up:

cruise missile attacks on navy ships:

only mid-October, so I don't know if these were what the dream predicted or if there is yet some other event coming.

Overall, I think the prediction came true, the words were fulfilled but the image I had was a bit different.