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Full Version: White Dog dream, 9.27.16, am
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Dreamed about a white dog that looked like a Labrador. I was standing speaking with someone when I see a dog walking toward me. It stops in front of me and allows me to give it hugs and kisses. Someone in the room says, I have had that dog for 13 years. I am confused because I know this dog does not belong to this person. I think, why would she lie about owning this dog. End of dream.

After thoughts: Not sure who the other person in the dream was. I don't know anyone with a white dog so I thought it may have another meaning. I found this on the internet and fits well with how I am feeling lately. *White Dog is your Conscious Self - who you are and who you are becoming.One of the gifts of White Dog is the calling in and recognition of other companions of destiny. Other beings with the same longing are waiting to meet and acknowledge you - beings who can see you as you authentically are. When you have truly been seen, you feel empowered, and remembrance of a shared sacred trust is ignited. This is a natural process, divinely designed for recognition through vibration affinity, freed from personal expectations.*
Thanks for sharing this this with us Julie.
One of mine is called an English cream golden retriever. Very light, almost white, with a shorter coat than your typical golden. People have mistaken her for a white lab.
GG - yes, that is the other breed I thought of, a Golden Retriever but the coat was white and shorter so I thought Lab instead. Is your English Cream GR a girl?
Yep! But she's only two. Big Grin
The reason I asked is because the dog in the dream had pink shinny eyes and pink skin so I thought maybe that was the dreams way of telling me the dog is a girl.
Interesting! The English creams do tend to have very light pink skin.

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(09-28-2016, 06:45 PM)Goldengirl Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting! The English creams do tend to have very light pink skin.

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