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Full Version: Military called up
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I dreamt I was in a faculty meeting.  We were filling out "peer" evaluations of our fellow faculty.  I looked around and noticed that one of the faculty members was wearing a military uniform.  I got up to look outside the front door.  There was a large troop bus waiting for the faculty member who was in the military.  He was packing a large duffel bag, and putting his laptop inside the bag. The bus was waiting for him.  Looking out into the street, there were no trees and it was a barren landscape.

I am in an Anatomy department, so it was odd that one of our members (not particularly young) would be in the military and be called up, like he was in the National Guard.
Thanks for posting this Dream Maat. Perhaps the National Guard will be called up to help with a natural disaster in our country, not a war issue.
Or it could be a reserve unit being activated and deployed.