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Full Version: Past Lives/ Cage Bra
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I had this Dream 9/30/2016 and can't remember much, but for some reason what I DO remember is sort of eating at me.

In this dream, I'm wandering around outside. I feel like I am homeless and hungry. Lonely. I see this very old house that looks strikingly familiar to me. It sort of reminds me of a very old plantation house. Its so old its sort of falling apart and I feel like I've been here so many times. There is a woman giving tours of this house to others, so I tag along. We go inside the house and I know every detail of the house. From the wallpaper to every little scratch and imperfection. I know this place so well. As we move along the house, we go into the room with a closet and it gives me the oddest feeling... so while others are exploring the room, I open the old closet door and look inside. Its not a very big closet, but I felt like, for some reason, I had been in there before. Hiding? There was a tiny space at the very top of the closet, I felt like that's where I hid and I felt a sort of panic wash over me. I could envision myself on that tiny shelf, with old quilts stacked beside me. I was hiding for sure, but from what? For some reason in that vision I was naked and had very, very long hair that tangled around my fingers and I held it against my mouth to silence any sobbing or breathing noises.

I got lost in this vision of mine for a minute until the woman giving the tour grabbed my shoulder and shook me. When I snapped out of it, there was another woman standing next to her. She looked VERY old and she was white as a ghost. Both her hands and voice were shaky as she handed me an old, brown leather bag. She said it was mine and that she kept it for me throughout the years. She said she didn't believe she would be alive to see me come back for it. Confused, I opened the bag. Inside was a sort of large card. Maybe 8x10 inches... and it was nearly full of these tiny charm dolls... the ones at the very bottom being just crystal with hardly any form... then ones that were either stone or wood carvings, to ones with more detail that looked like small dolls... the last being a very lovely tiny doll, naked with long hair. I knew all of these and did feel like they were mine, but it was confusing and weird to get something back that I knew I had never touched before in THIS lifetime. She explained that I had an "old soul" and it took me lifetimes to collect so much "character" and by that I knew she meant the tiny dolls. She said they were my past lives. I had that feeling... like, when you find something you thought you lost for forever. When I put the purse over my shoulder, it was the strangest feeling. I felt very light and secure. I didn't feel so homeless or lonely. Things strangely made sense. I felt very grounded and secure with who I was as a person.

Later in the dream, I was met by another strange young woman on a dock. She was showing me a baby. A very pudgy baby boy, maybe 6 months old. Very light skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. I felt a tremendous amount of love for this baby. I played with him for some time until I turned around for a minute. I was wearing the brown leather bag from earlier. I was in a log cabin by a beautiful lake. The lake was full of water Lilies and surrounded by woods, though I could see a small town way off in the distance past the lake. The houses of the town were built on hills and the buildings looked to be white... stone or clay? The shingles on the roofs were a bright orange-ish red. During the short time I had been taking in my surroundings, the woman had taken the child and put him in a boat and took him towards the back of the lake. I panicked and got into another boat and went after her. When I got to her she was looking down into the lake. There was a very particularly beautiful and large Lily growing there... and my heart sunk. I felt like that child had drowned there. I tried to jump into the lake, but something held me back... so I fell to my knees and started crying... feeling like a mother who had just lost a child. About the time I was at my lowest point and just wanted to die, I heard laughter and saw that little boy again playing behind me in the boat. I felt relieved, but still strange. I KNEW that kid had drowned there... right where that water lily was blooming. I felt all sorts of conflicting emotions and was very confused for a moment... and then the lady in the other boat jokingly poked me and said "Well, you have certainly had your share of heartbreak, haven't you? When are you going to do something about that horrible luck of yours?" I wasn't sure how to respond to that because I wasn't aware of there being a way to "cure" bad luck.

Then I woke up in a dressing room. I was getting dressed for something. It seemed like I was dressing to impress a man and I had few clothing options on my bed... all with a red, white, and black theme. That old, brown leather bag was also on the bed, laying against some pillows. There were some TERRIBLE white and black stripped tights, a white shirt with black trim and a very gaudy red rose pinned on the front. Very long, black, loose pants with red trim and stitching that looked like night pants. All of these clothes were horrible. I hated them all. I wasn't fond of the style OR the colors... whats worse is that I only had ONE bra... and it was a cage bra. The bottom half of each cup was just black fabric and the top half of the bra were four thin strips that came together into the bra strap. This was something you wear to bed, NOT under clothes. I didn't know what to do and didn't want to leave out of the room looking ridiculous so I peeked out of my room and into a theater. Hundreds of people were watching a movie but I only recognized two guys. Their names being Joseph and Dalton. I wrapped a sheet around me and flailed my arms until I got their attention and once in the room I explained to them my situation. Joseph said he was sorry but didn't know what to tell me and so I got so upset I started crying, then Dalton told me not to worry and not to cry, that they would wear the bra with me so that I wouldn't be alone. He whipped out two more cage bras and slapped his on, striking poses and being as ridiculous as possible. His was all loose and goofy looking so I helped him adjust it. The straps had adjustment measurements on them that went from 0 to 16. I put his all the way up to 16 and it fit just right. You know, as well as it would fit on a guy. He bounced around all proud of it and threw his shirt on over it. His shirt was white, and as I expected, you could see the bra a bit under it. I did Joseph's bra next, and he wasn't as excited, but he did it so that I wouldn't feel alone. I thought that was so sweet. Then I had Joseph help adjust mine. I felt so happy that the two of them were willing to do that JUST so I wouldn't feel so embarrassed or insecure. Unfortunately, I woke up before I could finish getting dressed.