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Full Version: Proofing
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Oct 4, 2016 AM

I'm in bed. The TV is turned to a news channel - US news by the colours on the screen. I don't hear anything so I don't know what news the anchors are delivering. I jump out of bed saying to hubby that I need to do some proofing. I go to the den, disconnect and take my laptop to bed with me where hubby is going to watch me do some proofing.

Note: This dream was like real life in my house....
Surely this isn't day residue from watching Hillary spew about 'proofing' or some such during the debate. *L*
1. make (fabric) waterproof.
"the tent is made from proofed nylon"

2. make a proof of (a printed work, engraving, etc.).
"proofing could be done on a low-cost printer"

proofread (a text).
"a book about dinosaurs was being proofed by the publisher"

activate (yeast) by the addition of liquid.
knead (dough) until light and smooth.
(of dough) prove.
"shape into a baguette and let proof for a few minutes"

The thing that strikes me about all these definitions is they are to perfect something. Waterproofing is changing the material to make it stronger, proofing text or a printers proof is a last chance to make something perfect. Proofing dough is also a necessary metamorphosis.

Seems we're all gearing up for something.