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Full Version: On the move
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5 October 2016

Driving along a back country road. Hilly terrain. Narrow road. Driving my car without the headlights on. Able to see, barely, just enough to stay in the middle of the road. The spouse is riding shotgun. We're not talking. There are other vehicles, like we're in a convoy of some sort. We can't go fast but we have to keep moving.

The convoy is off the road, pulled to the side. People are out of the vehicles and loading up backpacks. No talking. Everyone seems to know what to do and is doing it. Even the kids are quiet. My pack is heavy but I'm able to walk. We gather around. There's a person who seems to be the leader of sorts. He tells us to keep moving, to head in different directions, and good luck. Then we disperse. Spouse, several others, and I start hiking up a slope. I take one last look at my car, then keep moving. We have a destination, a small cabin that we tucked as much out of sight as possible. The cabin is well supplied and we're carrying more supplies on our backs. We walk in single file and in silence. We're careful about the noise we make. Gunfire off in the distance. We pause, listen for a second, then resume hiking but at a faster pace. We're not far enough into the mountains to avoid detection by the hunters yet.

Daylight now. There are patches of snow on the ground. We keep moving, avoiding the snow patches as much as possible to avoid leaving footprints that could be tracked. Now there are only three of us, someone I don't know, the spouse, and me. We've covered a lot of terrain but we still have a ways to go. I'm so tired I can barely see straight and the pack feels like it gained weight during the hike. But we keep moving. To stop is to risk capture by the hunters.

Noise. Something moving in our direction through the trees. We slide into a stand of trees and hide in the shadows. A huge grizzly bear wanders out of the cover of trees and lumbers across a small clearing. It doesn't seem to notice us or it doesn't care, we don't know which, but the bear doesn't stop. Suddenly, a trio of people, two men and a woman, burst from the trees behind the bear. They're yelling at the bear. One of the men is waving a pistol around. The three of us look at each other as if to ask who are these idiots, what do they think they're doing, why are they trying to start something with that grizzly, do they honestly think that pistol will do more than piss off the bear, and generally face palming at the idiots. The man with the gun aims it at the bear, who is almost into the trees again so if the guy shoots, the bullet will hit the bear in the butt. Yeah, that ought to work. More face palms. The guy holds the gun sideways, as seen in movies and on TV, and fires. The woman screams. The guy accidentally shot her in the arm. The woman is shrieking. The guy with the gun is yelling at the woman that she ruined his shot. The other guy is just standing around. The bear is out of sight now. We decide to slip away before these idiots attract the hunters' attention. On the other hand, the idiots will provide a nice diversion if there are any hunters in the area.


I can't underscore the sense of urgency that was present throughout this dream. We knew we would be safe when we got to the cabin but until then, we were in grave danger. It was imperative that we kept moving. To stop was to give the hunters time to either home in on us or to find us.

The identity of the hunters was never shown but it was understood they were authorized by the government.

The whole bit with the bear was weird. I know it was important or it wouldn't have stayed with me nor played such an important part of the dream. My first thought was the bear represented Russia and whatever course of action they're taking. They're on a course of some sort, engrossed in their work, not paying attention to the rest of the world. As for the idiots, it was like they represented the countries who are trying to bluster and intimidate Russia. They think they're doing something but can't see the bear is completely unconcerned with them. And the smart move is to take advantage of the distraction is to stay in the shadows, keep moving, and get to safety.

In a way, the bear part reminded me of Goldengirl's gator dream, how the people didn't seem to notice the danger and the sense of laying low to stay safe.
Great dream and great thoughts about the dream. I think you may be on to something.