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Full Version: Opening a portal
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On 10/5/16 at approximately 9am cst I had the following dream.

I was in a basement, and there was a a window with white trim. Very clean for being in a basement. The window was at eye level & measured 3ft wide by 3ft height. The window slid open from right to left. When I opened it, I knew what lay on the other side of the window was a different world.

I wanted to go through, but I had to gather a few things first and place them in a blue & white bag. The first on these items were 3 brass figurines (an elephant, a cat, & an armadillo). The next were my 3 cats, but they were not the age they are now, they were all kittens about 9 weeks old. In real life they are 4, 3 & 2 years old. But I still had to place all 3 kittens in the bag.

If anyone has ever owned a kitten, they know how tough it can be to get it to stay in one place. This part of the dream was pretty funny, since I was trying to get all3 kittens to stay in one place. But I was finally able to do it.

I pick up the bag & my son, who is 3 yrs old in the dream ( real life he is 22). I hoist my son onto my left hip, have the bag in my right hand, stand up, face the window & now the window is as tall as I am & all I have to do is step through. 

I can see what is on the other side. It is just beautiful. The sky is pink & the grass is blue. I go to step through the window and that is when I am very rudely awoken by my 3 yr old cat. He jumped on my chest & started to nip me on my chin. So unfortunately I did not get to go through because as soon as he did that, I saw the window slam shut.

I was very disappointed. The other place looked so peaceful. I have been thinking about this all day & the one question that I can not get out of my head is: if I had actually stepped through this portal, what would have happened to me here? Would my body here have died? If so, does that mean my cat saved me?
I'm inclined to think yes, your cat saved you. You would still wake up here but would all of you be here? And would you be you or would someone/something else have taken up residency in your physical form?
Wow. A lot of threes. Must be significant somehow.
IMHO, Your cat saw what was happening and was frightened for you. Yes, you would have the option to come back. One of the issues to being in a place like what you saw is that you would always have that longing to go back there.