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Full Version: Heading for shelter
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So I was dreaming that we were with friends in Boulder, having a good time. Something came up and we needed to leave for the mountains. We stocked up on stuff and loaded everyone into the suburban and left for a sheltered spot. Everyone else seemed to be going about things as usual but we somehow knew it was time to hunker down.

we were heading back home, as it is a very safe location and is almost self sufficient. We camped by a reservoir on our way back. one individual was fishing, we somehow had horses to complete the journey, which was 4 hours by car.
Gee, I dream this and then George Ure's site has a link to a Russian article telling people to head home - so they do not lose citizenship.
A gentleman has decoded some hidden messages from a book written and published in 1927 on how to predict the future. He has written about 300 essays and has written a synopsis of it here:


Quick overview:

If a fire occurs Friday night on an oil platform in the gulf, then about 15 hours later there is a possibility of damage to the Hoover dam by an earthquake in L.A. Followed by an earthquake Wednesday in San Francisco and if those occur then the Cascadian Subduction zone may occur December 21-22.

At the very least please pray for mitigation of such a terrible prediction.