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Full Version: Presidential Update
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It's been a while but it's been a strange year for me thus far as regards to my precogs but I will post those that are prevalent.
(DreamerOracle Wrote: 02-06-2016, 12:58 PM)
1st precog: An old guy playing a large stringed instrument on his porch.
2nd Precog: An empty presidential podium.
3rd Precog: A large columned white house...not The Whitehouse building.
4th Precog: An old Wurlitzer Jukebox.
5th Precog: Guy in a blonde toupee dancing.... seemingly drunk.
6th Precog: A Woman stood on a stage with her arms out wide... embracing the crowds?...Like she was the second coming?

16th October 2016
Dream: Hillary Clinton on a stage with Bill Clinton holding each other while also waving to a crowd.

I have recently seen the old guy on a tv show playing a cello on his porch, also this week again... the old Wurlitzer jukebox in a movie I watched. I'm gathering this week was my target for some reason...

I do dream every evening but most are seemingly unrelated and are like lessons in morality or visits, a few examples...
1. Doing bad things for good reason(I was apparently playing a tyrant in my dream)
2. The Alien Dreams or Visits: An invasion but I was advised to stay indoors while it took place by one of my small friends, also being aboard his ship with my wife but the little being told me to leave her where she was because she wasn't actually there(just a dream creation)... He showed me how his vessel worked, a very funny little fella. Smile