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Full Version: Odd dreams #3 more relevent here
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Dream #1 I'm woozy on allergy meds talking to a cop about family, kid, etc stuff; Guess I was pulled over. Another cop walks up to us and as I get ready to leave, he tells the guy that I'm transporting bound up Mary Jane. Well... guess I got busted there. They give me a baseball mitt to give to my kid, but it's got a tracking device on it. Just how stupid could this dream get?! Thankfully, it ended. Moving on....

Dream #2 I was listening to Matt Van Rhoon(these people in this dream are part of a computer game group, BFG and are real people. Never met them.) discussing something, all animated and excited, when Chris Jones walks in kind of pissed at him. No idea why, but I walk over and sweet talk him out of bashing Matt with a big stick. Weird stuff. Matt was, of course, funny and engaging.

Dream#3 Tanner(my husband) and I are riding on a city bus around town on our way to a huge carnival. Awesome fun, music, food. We're near the front of it and guess who's driving the bus? Hehehe.. Vladimir Putin. Vlad parks at the carnival, gets too close to another bus, and reparks it. Tanner and I get off the bus. It's a weird feeling knowing the Russian Leader is driving the bus.