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Full Version: Peaceful Cottage by a Lake
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I haven't posted recently because most of my dreams are personal to my life situation. This one is as well, but I feel compelled to share as maybe it will offer some peace/ hope during these tumultuous times we all are facing.A little context here, I am the caretaker to my brother, David, who is quadraplegic/Cerebral Palsy. He is truly like a 140 pound baby, but he seems to possess the ability to read's weird. I have been honored to take care of him for almost 3 years now. Our mom passed in December 2015 at 90.

The dream started with David and I by a body of water. I hesitated, but then decided to bring him into the water. Holding him up right, I tried to get him to kick his legs, as if in therapy. After doing this, I laid him on the bank to go get help putting him back in his chair. Each time I left him he would slip back into the water and I would go rushing back to save him from drowning. Finally, I decided to put him on some kind of tarp.I left him and entered a cottage that we apparently lived in. As I entered, I saw myself in a mirror and my hair was totally grey. My husband entered the room and he too was grey and much older. I asked him to come help me with David. At this point, the dream went into me traveling down a congested highway on some kind of toy that did not operate properly, looking for a grocery store. I exited the highway giving up to go home. The exit I took was in a dangerous neighborhood, but I managed to return to the cottage. I went frantically looking for David. I ran back to the cottage, but as I did I caught a glimpse of the beautiful setting I was in. Entering the cottage my husband said he's okay. Your mom came and brought him home with her. She said to thank you for taking care of him but now it's time to rest and be at peace. I had a feeling of total love surrounding me as I woke.
Heavendreamer, thank you so much for sharing that with us.