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Full Version: Wild Horses
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I'm with family, my mom and dad, some neighbors and friends. We are trying to corral the horses we have and get them into town, as there is some kind of show or rodeo. I get separated from everyone at some point. I do remember waiting in an intersection, and there is a huge line of horses stampeding for me. The lead stallion is twice as large as a normal horse. He leaps over me, and I feel his hooves pound me a few times, but I come out on the other side ok. I manage to side step the rest of the horses and find my way back to my family. They are now packing up to go.

Thoughts - there was a LOT more to this dream, but once I was awake my aches and pains took the details away from me. I do live in a big horse area, but I don't own one currently. My mom and dad are passed, they always seem to denote some kind of security and knowledge in my dreams. And of course I think my dad in particular communicates with me frequently in my dreams.

I wish I could remember it all. There was so much more to think about here. But after not remembering much, I'll take the snippet! Big Grin
You might want to look at today's bot run.
Context did give an inner glimpse! Hahaha!!!

Thanks Twice!
Where did you feel the horse's hooves pound you?
On my back of course. I kind of ducked down and tucked my head in.
Was wondering if it was in the area where you have issues.
Yep. All tied together.
Thought it might. Wink