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Full Version: Gun in Purse
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Submitting this because it has a couple of modes of transportation:

I was in an office I didn't recognize for business, in the city where I grew up. I was in a rush, I had a plane to catch to go home. I caught the city bus that would take me to the airport. I realized I was on the Britannia bus. (what is important in that is Britannia is the location my daughter was married last month). Then I wondered if I had forgotten my itinerary so I openned my purse and saw that I had a handgun in there (in Canada we're not allowed to carry handguns). I started to worry because of my missing itinerary and this gun I can't bring past security at the airport. It didn't have bullets, I was carrying it for protection in the sense if I felt I was in trouble I could scare an attacker with it. I woke up wondering what the heck I was going to do with the gun so I could pass the security inspection.

I'm not sure what this dream is trying to say, but a few elements here are: work, my hometown which is the capital city of Canada, riding a city bus, Britannia which to me is my daughter's wedding but could also refer to Britain or the Queen, an airplane, an itinerary, a handgun with no bullets.